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Rules and Regulations


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Competition Rules and Regulations

The Arkansas State Envirothon shall be conducted under the following rules and regulations:

0.0 Only students enrolled in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) in the current school year are eligible to compete in Envirothon competition.

1.0 Only one state champion or designated team, certified by the Arkansas State Envirothon Committee, will represent Arkansas at the Envirothon Competition.

2.0 If the team with the winning score cannot go to the Envirothon competition, then the next highest scoring team will represent Arkansas at the Envirothon Competition. The winning team must notify the Arkansas State Envirothon Committee of their intention to go to the Envirothon Competition within one week after the State Competition.

3.0 If the winning team at the State Competition declines the invitation to the Envirothon Competition or if their decision is not received within one week, the invitation to the Envirothon Competition will be extended to the next highest scoring team. The next team chosen will have one week to respond. This process will continue until a team accepts the invitation.

4.0 All teams must be affiliated with their local Conservation district or an equivalent natural resources agency.

5.0 Each team will consist of five members from the same school and/or organization/association. It is neither the intent nor the desire of the Arkansas State Envirothon Committee, for any group to develop or organize a super team composed of members from various schools, organizations, or associations.

A. A registration form listing the names of team members and advisors, plus a non-refundable fee must be submitted by a date set by the Arkansas Envirothon Committee.

B. Upon prior notification, emergency substitutions can be approved.

C. However, if a school and/or organization/association has more than one (1) team competing at a regional or at the State competition and through accident, illness, etc., they are forced to ask for an emergency substitution, the substitute(s) cannot come from any currently registered members of the other teams competing at that competition.

6.0 No alternates will be allowed to participate in any State Envirothon Competition activities. No activities, T-shirts, etc. will be available to alternates.

7.0 During the competition, the advisors or chaperones may not travel with their respective teams.

8.0 Teams will be responsible for their own lodging at the state competition. Two meals will be provided for state competition - Sunday supper and Monday lunch. This is still applicable for 5 team members and two coaches/chaperones.

9.0 No penalty shall be assessed to a team in the oral presentation for lack of a fifth member due to a certifiable injury or illness to a team member.

10.0 A team advisor(s)/chaperone and/or public agency or conservation district representative or parent must accompany each team to the State Competition.

11.0 Each team must arrange for same gender chaperones, for male and female members, at the State competition. The Arkansas State Envirothon Committee will not be responsible for improperly chaperoned teams.

12.0 Tobacco, non-prescription drugs, and all alcohol are prohibited during the entire stay at the State Competition.

13.0 Advisors/chaperones will be responsible to assure that teams display proper conduct during the competition.

14.0 Transportation, meals, lodging and liability for team member’s enroute to and from the State Competition will be the responsibility of each participating school or organization.

15.0 The Arkansas State Envirothon Committee will provide resource packets to the Arkansas Association of Conservation District offices. The team coaches will pick-up all resource material from their local AACD offices.

16.0 These packets will be mailed to the local AACD offices at a date selected by the Arkansas State Envirothon Committee.

17.0 The Arkansas State Envirothon Committee will provide and specify all study materials to be utilized during the State Competition.

18.0 There will be five (5) resource-testing stations: Forest Resource, Soils, Aquatics, Wildlife, and a Current Environmental Issue.

19.0 The five (5) stations will be comprehensive in nature, with the student expected to have an extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

20.0 The five (5) station tests will be thirty (30) minutes each in length and will be worth a total of 500 points.

21.0 There will be a problem solving/oral team presentation that will be twenty (20) minutes maximum in length followed by up to ten (10) minutes of questions to team members by the judges.

22.0 Scoring for the State competition will be as follows:

A. Each of the five (5) stations tests will be 1/7th of the total score.

B. The Special Problem/oral presentation will be 2/7th of the total score.

C. Tiebreakers shall be as follows: Current Environmental Issue; Aquatics score; Forest Resources score; Soils score; Wildlife score.

D. The Special Problem/oral presentation will be worth a maximum of 200 points.

23.0 Scores will be totaled, and the team with the highest score will be the winner.

24.0 Professionals from various organizations and agencies will judge the problem solving exercise for the oral presentation.

25.0 All five (5) team members must participate orally in the presentation, except as noted in medical clause above.

26.0 During oral presentations, all team members must wear the Arkansas Envirothon T-shirt.

27.0 During oral presentations, no team identifications, either written or stated is permitted.

28.0 Oral presentation scores will be based on a criteria sheet provided with these rules and regulations.

29.0 Judges’ decisions are final on all events.

30.0 The Grievance Committee will make the final decision on all grievances immediately following the State competition and prior to the awards ceremony.

31.0 A grievance form will be provided with the registration materials.

32.0 Awards and recognition will include but may not be limited to T-shirts for all participants; plaques for the top five (5) teams; certificates to the highest scoring team at each testing station; scholarships from participating Universities; and an invitation to the Envirothon for the winning team.

33.0 Team members, advisors, cooperating agencies and sponsors will be asked to complete an evaluation of the event.

34.0 All rules and regulations of the Arkansas State Envirothon Competition are subject to change by the Arkansas State Envirothon Committee. Any and all changes will be explained and submitted in advance to all teams and advisors.

35.0 Any infraction of the Rules and Regulations of the Arkansas State Envirothon could result in reduction of the total team score, disqualification and/or dismissal from the event.


bulletSee revisions not yet incorporated above for 2011 (PDF)




For additional information about the Envirothon Program in Arkansas, contact:         

Carolyn Holcomb

Brandy Gardner


The Envirothon Program is offered and operated on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, or physical/mental challenges.

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